Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Vinyl Clock

I am really excited about the upcoming vinyl projects for Super Saturday and Girls night out. This 24 inch clock will be one of the projects this year. It is made from a table round found at your local home store. They are a great wedding, anniversary, birthday... gift. You can also add a family name or a fun quote in the middle.

How to make this clock:

Time to make it: 1 - 1 1/2 hours

Supplies you need:
24 inch wood round (or smaller)
Craft paint
Vinyl clock face
Clock parts (9-11 inch hands, high torque 12 hour motor) (I use
Drill to make center hole

1. I had my husband cut me out a 24 inch circle using MDF board from Home Depot. I think it was about 1/2 thick board. He just used a little hand skill saw. You can also use a table round located in the lumber department from your local home store. It depends on where you live, but it was cheaper to have my husband cut the circle out. Drill your hole in the middle so you know where middle is.

2. You can paint the board all one color, or you can have the center of the clock lighter like mine. All I did was paint a cream circle in the middle and paint the rest of the clock brown. I used a napkin and dipped a little brown and a lot of cream to blend the colors together. Then I added a little cream paint to the brown on the outside. It actually was pretty easy. On the edges and 1 inch from the outside I painted it black to blend with the vinyl. Let it dry. Make sure your board is smooth so your vinyl is not bumpy.

3. Add the vinyl. Once your board is dry you can apply the vinyl. It comes all ready to go. Have someone help you put it on. I did it by myself but it would have been better to have someone to help me. Start on one side to apply it.

4. Add all your clock parts and you are done. :)


Ratliffs said...

It turned out SO GREAT Erin!!!! I love it!! Can't wait to make my own!!

Goodman Family said...

So I had a friend give me this blog page, and I am in charge of doing crafts and super Saturdays for our ward. And I was just wondering if you could send me some info or at least some good ideas. I live in SLC, Utah, and was just wondering what help I could get. Thanks.

Emilie said...

Would it be possible for me to get the supplies to make this from you or could you make me one? My mom made one for herself and my three sisters a couple years ago before I got married. And I'd really like one of my own. Please email me at thank you!

Vinyl Masterpiece said...

We do not make the clocks. They take a long time to make and they are very heavy. We do sell some vinyl to make the clocks. I am sorry.


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