Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I love to see the Temple

This vinyl would be a great young women's project. It is displayed on a 8x8 tile block, but it can go on anything. example: Tile, wood sign (hung by ribbon) the wall... My son was so excited about this, because if you put a light in your glass block, the temple glows. :) What a fun nightlight for your children.
*** I can put almost any temple in the middle.***
I changed the wording to
"I'm going there someday"


Ratliffs said...

I liked the other one better!! Can you put the picture back up? :-)

Vinyl Masterpiece said...

The old one wss really hard to read on the glass block. It was also a hard font for me to weed. I made this one for a stake in AZ.

Taneil said...

How much for the vinyl piece of this one?

Mama said...

Could you please send me your e-mail address? It said to e-mail you if I was interested in the block with the I love to see the Temple". I would like to add 2 options to our craft evening before the open house of the Gila Valley Temple: The Albuquerque Temple and the Gila Valley Temple. Is this possible?


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