Friday, June 4, 2010

Last Minute Teacher Gift

Here is a fun quick gift idea. I have been busy with kids, church, school and life that I forgot that I needed to make teachers gifts for the end of the school year. I remembered years ago that I use to make these cute cans and give them away for gifts. They are great for last minute and everyone loves them. I showed my friend how to make them, and now she is going to make one for her husband on Father's day.

Supplies you need:Text Color
1. (1) can that has a pop top on top and a normal ridge on the bottom. (Dole fruit cans are the best for this. Campbell's soup cans have a pop top but they changed the bottom of their cans so they are rounded and you can use them.)

2. Safety can opener (You can find these at Walmart or Kmart) (You have to use the safety can opener because it cuts it in a way that you can glue the bottom back on.)

3. Scrap booking paper, Ribbons, any decoration you like to decorate the outside of the can.

4. Strong glue and double sided tape (the tape is for putting on the scrap book paper but you can you glue too.)

5. Fun things to fill the can. (I used chocolates and a gift card to fill mine, but you can fill it with anything. If you are making one for your husband on Father's day you can stick a tie in it.)

How to make:

1. Cut the bottom of the can off with the safety can opener. Empty the food out of the can. Clean the clean with soap and water and dry it with a towel. Take the label off the can too.

2. Decorate the outside of the can. I used scrap booking paper and stamps. You can use what ever you like.

3. Fill the can full of fun stuff

4. Glue the bottom of the can back on with strong glue. I ended up using a glue gun.

5. It is now ready to give.

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