Saturday, January 22, 2011

Dining Room

I have lived in 7 homes in the last 10 years.  It takes me about a month to get everything organized and settled in.  I have been in my new home for over a month now, and I am still staring at blank walls.  My style seems to have changed and all my decorations just don't fit my new home.

I have a little secret, I have been so busy making vinyl for everyone else that I didn't make it for myself.  I have been often asked why I don't have vinyl in my home and I usually give this answer; plumbers have leaky pipes, builders homes are unfinished, and vinyl cutter people (what ever we are called) do not have vinyl in their homes.

Now that I have my own home, I am taking time to put vinyl in my home.  I want my house to look cute too. :)  The first project I have worked on is one wall in my dining room. 


 Yes, my plates say EAT... STARVE   My first thoughts were Be Grateful, Be Thankful, and somwhere from these nice sweet words I went to Eat, Starve.  I must of just had dinner with my picky child, and this is where my thoughts went to and it stuck. 

 This is the close up.  I used beige vinyl on my red plate.  I got these fun square plates from Walmart for $2.00 apiece.  I purchased the plate holder at Michael's for about $8.00.

This is a fun idea, I purchased these 10x13 picture frames from Walmart for 5.00 each.  I took the back off of them and I glued the glass to the frame with silicone.  You can use any strong glue.  I don't think I would use hot glue just because it can get brittle and and glass can pop out and break. Then I put vinyl right on the outside of the glass and I really like the way these turned out.

If you would like vinyl that is similar to this, please contact us at .

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craftykat said...

Having a few picky eaters in my home (and I must confess I am one of them- talk about kharma if it ever was), I can totally appreciate the eat/starve plates! I love the red- and being someone who is always making crafts for others, I don't have many for myself in my own home either. I'm finally trying to change that, and I totally can relate to moving and feeling like it's a new slate and the old stuff just not feeling right anymore. I'm getting the vinyl bug for sure :)


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