Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

 Valentine's day has been extended over a week at our home.  Now that the day is here, I am ready to move on.  Last week we made cards, treats, had a preschool V-day party, had a 1st grade V-day party, and now today my oldest is having a party at school.  My kids have been on a sugar rush for the last week.  With all the craziness in my home, I wanted to start decorating my little girls room. 

I LOVE flowers. LOVE THEM!!! LOVE THEM!!! I love to craft, quilt, cook, yada yada yada, but my most favorite thing to do is garden.  I even like pulling weeds.  I think it is in my blood.  My Dad has a nice vegetable garden. My Grandpa had the best garden, and my maternal grandma has the best green thumb ever.  My mom on the other hand, did not take after her mother.  She hates to garden. She kills everything, ok maybe not everything.   She left the gardening to my father and myself.    Anyways, back to the flowers.  I wanted to make my daughter's room into a garden like room.  This week I put flowers up.  Now she wants butterflies all over.  My son suggested that we need caterpillars and bees buzzing all around.  Leave it to a 6 year old to come up with that. 
I made the flower graphic to match her quilt that I made.  We will have this flower pattern for vinyl on our website soon. 
The flowers look a little red in this picture, but they are lipstick pink.  It is amazing how vinyl can transform a room.


Dolly said...

I really love this wall idea for a little girl's room! Have any ideas for a boys room too?

Vinyl Masterpiece said...

I will be decorating my boys room soon. :)

Ratliffs said...

Her room looks so cute! Good job!


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