Monday, February 7, 2011

Valentine's Day Cards and PDF

This year I decided that we will have more fun with Valentine's Day. I thought the first thing we will do is make homemade valentine cards.  Tonight is Monday, and in our Church Monday is a special night for families.  We call it FHE (Family Home Evening)  We sing songs, have prayers, give a lesson, and have an activity.  This was our family activity and the kids had a blast. 
 This was the end result. 
 These are my older boys.  Well, they are not that old, but they seem old to me. :) I think they spent 20 minutes just on the first card.  I told them they have 29 to go, so they should speed it up.  They decided that they will do 10 tonight, and 10 each night until they are done.  I didn't mind, because it keeps them busy.. We are also going to attach a lollipop to each card. 

Because I spent a long time making this PDF for my kids, I decided that I would share this with you.  Click below to download the PDF to your computer.  Have fun!!!
Valentine's Card PDF

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Anonymous said...

I got my first Valentines from my little boy yesterday...made my day!!


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