Thursday, May 31, 2012

Young Women Values

We will have the "8" Young Women Values in vinyl to put on tiles and boards or for use as a stencil available on our website shortly (please contact us if you need this before we get it posted).

This is a great activity for your Young Women's class to do as a subway art, or put all of one color on a tile, or have fun with the individual values in their colors and put them on an item of your choosing.  The above picture was done as subway art. 

Please check out our instructions for Subway Art  and read the comments below before deciding on this type of project for the girls.

1. You need to remove the vinyl quickly after painting (let paint dry lightly).  If you leave it on too long, it will be more difficult to remove.
2. Spray with a clear spray to seal the vinyl and help to keep dust off of sticky areas where vinyl was attached.
3. Please practice before having the girls do the project for best judgement to their ability to complete this project.

Value Colors Are: Faith = white, Divine Nature = blue, Individual Worth = red, Knowledge = green, Good Works = yellow, Choice and Accountability = orange, Integrity = purple, and Virtue = gold.

Item is discounted for a purchase of 10 or more (at one time).


Susanna said...

I'm a young woman from Finland and guess did I like it!! YESS, very much! :) your blog is sooo inspiring and beautiful!


Karen said...

Love it! (;


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