Saturday, November 3, 2012

Jar Lanterns

Attention: Jar Lantern Directions

We have discovered that some of you are having problems when making your jar lanterns. After much testing we have discovered the problem.

1. MUST start with clean jar.  DO NOT TOUCH THE JAR WITH YOUR HANDS! We have discovered the oils from your hands can prevent the etching spray paint to not stick correctly.  If it is not on there correctly the vinyl will peal the etching off.  If you have to touch the jar, just touch the rim of the jar.  It sounds crazy but I tested lots of jars, and this was the cause of the problem.

2. Please follow the directions on the etching bottle.

3. Let the paint dry before you apply the vinyl.  (When I was testing the jars I used a blow dryer and it seemed to make the process go quicker.)

I hope this helps anyone who is having troubles.

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