Saturday, June 1, 2013

Family Birthday Boards

My church asked me to make a birthday boards for our Super Saturday.  I loved how this turned out.  To be honest with you it was time consuming, but I think it was worth the end result.  If you do this for a Super Saturday I would have all the shapes predrilled. There are different ways to hang the circles, but I found the eye hooks are the best.
-(1) 8x24x1 board
-#216 screw eyes
-Wood Shapes 3/16 inch thick. I would say 1.5 inches x 3/16 work great. 
-Something to pull the eye hooks apart.
-Drill and the smallest drill bit you can find.
-Picture frame hanger
How to make:
1. Have a board cut 8x24x1 inch. 
2. Predrill all the holes in the wood circles on the top and the bottom.
3. Paint the Board and circles. (Let dry. Use a blow dryer to speed up the drying process.)
4. Put vinyl on from The vinyl is made so you know exactly where to put the eye hooks.
5. Pull the eye hook apart so it is a hook not a circle. 

6. Drill the board with the smallest drill bit under each month. 
7. Screw in the pulled apart eye hook.
8. Put the eye hooks in the circles.  One side use the closed hook and on the other side use an open hook so you can put them together. ( I closed the hook after I put them together)
9. Put the hanger on the back of the board.
10. Hang the circles on your board and put your family names and dates on them.  Enjoy!
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