Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Nautical Themed Bathroom

When we bought our house we knew we needed to put some love, sweat, and tears into it.  We have two bathrooms in our home and both needed to be fixed.  Our master bathroom was gutted and remodeled, but after spending money on our bathroom there was not much left for the other bathroom.  I really mean, there was nothing left to remodel the other bathroom.  Something needed to happen, because it is the bathroom that everyone uses.  

I decided our main bathroom needed some kind of a facelift. Here are the simple upgrades we made in our main bathroom that did not break the bank. It was under one hundred dollars.   The shower and tub had rusted pull bars that we replaced.  We took off the shower gold doors and replaced it with a white shower curtain from Wal-Mart.  We replaced all the fixtures to chrome instead of Gold.  We still need to change out the vanity, but that will be some other year. The biggest thing I did was paint the bathroom.  It was a simple change but it made a huge difference.  I used colors that I already had on hand, so the paint was free.  I ended up painting stripes, and I love it!  I used green frog tape to divide the colors and it really made a huge difference.  I didn't have any paint bleed through.  :) 
I needed some sort of wall decoration to make my bathroom look Nautical.  So I found this cool craft using paint sticks located here.  I have painted my entire house so I had a plethora of paint sticks. Here is what mine looks like up close.

I painted the slats white.   After the white paint dried, I placed a vinyl anchor in the middle.  Then I painted the slats navy blue.  I pulled off the vinyl and then lightly sanded the whole thing.  I was very happy with the finished project. 
After this project I knew I needed something more to make my theme come out.  So I made this cute saying.  This is vinyl placed on navy cardstock and then framed. 
The Bathroom Rules Sailboat (vinyl only) will be located on our website for purchase.


Michele Reynolds said...

Love your nautical bath art! Pinned. I <3 anchors. Stop over to see my diy anchor coupon clothespin.

Alexis Tanner said...

I love your stripe wall and the bathroom rules sign is super cute! I'm featuring this at my link party and pinning!


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