Friday, June 20, 2014

More Ornament Designs

We are posting more designs for our Ornaments.  Keep checking our website for new items.

Here are our newest designs:
This Manger ornament has gold glitter inside (for instructions see our website under Vinyl Projects). Sometimes designs need to be cut apart to apply to curves.  This design is one of those.  I split it apart around the manger and it went on much better.
This Love  design is on a globe with red glitter inside and pink vinyl outside.  I had to cut the letters apart to apply.
The Monogram with Name and Date design comes in two colors.  This is shown on a clear globe but I put a silver glitter inside too and it looks very nice.  Be careful when picking the Monogram color that it will be one to show up on the ornament color. 
The Name with Date ornament is on a globe that was sprayed with glitter spray on the outside.  Unfortunately, the vinyl did not adhere to the glitter spray so I ended up spraying it with a clear satin spray (sealer) to give the vinyl something to "stick" to.  It worked fine with that spray.
The Temple with Name and Date is a bit more challenging.  This is the Salt Lake Temple and it may be the one that is necessary to use.  It took a little maneuvering to get it to go on smoothly.  The globe has gold glitter inside. 

Please let us know if there is a design that you are interested in.  Glass Ornaments are a fun project to do but also make great gifts all year long.    Please keep checking to see new designs.

NOTE:  We do not use large pictures or ornate font designs as they are too difficult for most people to apply to the curved ornaments.  We know that many ornament designs are available to purchase, but these are usually prepared by those that know how to apply them and are not for the "average" craftsperson.  Just so you know, I am not a craft person, my daughter is, but I applied these designs to the ornaments.  With the use of a craft knife, I was able to apply them to my satisfaction.  I also did the glitter and spray (which was fun and easy). 

This will make a fun Super Saturday Activity.  Please practice as some people have difficulty with vinyl.  If you have a specific saying or design, please contact us and we will see if we can do it for you.  Check out our information page to get some helpful ideas for creating these ornaments.

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