Saturday, August 30, 2014

Away in the Manger Shadow Box

Come check out our new Christmas shadow box vinyl "Away in the Manger" on our website. Our "Jingle All the Way" shadow box has been such a huge hit, so we decided to come up with more designs.  Also I noticed this week (Aug 30, 2014) at Michaels they are having a sale on shadow boxes.  Buy one get one free. 

How to:
-(1) 8x8 shadow box
-Vinyl from
- Wood paper from a craft store or print out wood scrapbooking paper from the internet.
- Ribbon for embellishment. (optional)

1. Take the backing off the shadow box.
2. Fill the bottom with cut raffia.  My pieces were around 2 inches long.
3. Cut the wood paper to fit in the box for the background. 
4. Put the back cover back on the box.
5. Place the vinyl on the front of the box.  I placed my vinyl about an inch above the bottom so it looks like they are in the hay. 
6. Tie a bow around the box if desired. 

This is a simple and fun project to do.  Great for super Saturdays and other craft groups.  Also great to make for a gift!

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Lindi V said...

This is very pretty! I can see myself making this as a gift for someone! Thanks for sharing :)
Lindi @


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