Tuesday, October 10, 2017

5 Simple Steps to Applying Vinyl to a Tile

Have you got someone on your Christmas or Birthday list that seems difficult to find that special something. Why not make a tile! The are easy and very personal - a gift from YOU!


1. Buy a tile or board.
Tiles may be purchased at most home building supply stores at extremely reasonable prices. You can also use an MDF board cut to a tile size (MDF boards may be purchased on our web site).

The best tiles to use are the smooth ones. They are the easiest to apply vinyl. (The white tile is more of a glass look)

You can use the more textured ones but they may cause some problems. The beige on the far left has more texture. The middle one looks textured but actually has a smooth finish.

2. Purchase a vinyl design the size to fit your tile.
We sell a huge variety of designs for all occasions. Visit our website (Vinyl Gifts and More) or even email us if you would like to request something more personal.  Our sizes fit 6 inch tiles, glass blocks, MDF boards, and 12 inch tiles. If you need a different size, email us with the specifics of what you need.

3.  Prepare your board or tile
The MDF board will need to be cut to size (if purchased from us, your board will be cut and roughly sanded ready for you to finish), painted with craft paint, and should be sprayed with a clear varnish for easier cleaning. All must be completely dry before applying vinyl.

For a tile, clean it of all dust and dirt. You can use soap and water or I use alcohol. I just rub it on liberally and then dry it off. Again, make sure the surface is completely dry.

Sometimes bumpy surfaces can be difficult to apply vinyl. A way to make a bumpy surface easier to apply vinyl is to spray it with a clear varnish spray before you apply the vinyl. This will give the vinyl something more secure to stick to. Be sure the varnish is completely dry before you apply the vinyl.

4. Prepare the vinyl to apply to the tile or board.
We have complete directions on our website on how to apply vinyl. The basic instructions are:
     A. Rub across the design to secure it against the clear plastic.
     B.  Remove the backing paper.
     C.  Line up the vinyl on your tile and place it on the tile. While holding it in place, rub over the clear plastic to secure the vinyl to the tile. Again, see our directions but if you experience problems, please check out our Problem area.
     D. Carefully removed the clear plastic on top of the vinyl exposing the vinyl. If vinyl does not want to come off of the clear plastic, rub and try again to remove it. See our Problem section on our website.
     E.  Make sure all vinyl is secure on the tile surface. Lightly rub with your finger over the vinyl making sure it is stuck securely on the tile.

5.  Decorate tile or leave as is. 
Some vinyl designs look good as wall hangings. This would be best to use the MDF board. You will want to use something like decorative ribbon or twine to hang the tile.

Other tiles you may want to display on an easel. Be sure to include one if you are giving a tile as a gift.  We do sell easels on our website.

If this all still seems too overwhelming, we do offer to apply your choice of vinyl on a 6 inch tile and send it to you or your gift recipient. Click Here to see how to order a finished tile.  

Have questions? We are happy to answer all questions. Email us a vinylgiftsandmore@gmail.com.


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