Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Closing Shop


Dec 31, 2020

I am sad to say, but due to an incurable disease, I must close down my website Vinyl Gifts and More. I started this company with my daughter Erin in 2009. It was awesome working with her. A few years ago, she stepped down to be more involved with her family and my granddaughter Liz stepped in to help me. I hate closing doors for her sake, but she has college and a life to get on with. 

In August of this year, I was diagnosed with an incurable muscle disease called Inclusion Body Myositis. It affects the muscles in the hands, arms, and legs. Luckily, it is a slow developing disease and I am in the early stages. I wish to spend these next years doing things with my husband and family so as sad as this is for me to close doors, I have decided to do so.

I want to thank all of you who have come to our company for your vinyl orders. We will miss working with you. This company has been such a blessing in so many ways for us. We have met so many awesome people over the years It has been fun helping create special orders for you and helping many of you start your own businesses. We will truly miss all of you.

I do have a huge supply of vinyl as well as two cutters. If you are interested in purchasing any of these, please email me at vinylgiftsandmore@gmail.com.

Again, thank you all for such a wonderful experience. 
I wish you all a Happy Holliday and a great New Year!

Thursday, May 16, 2019


We recently did a craft project at our ladies church group. We made the Rustic American Flag. It was so much fun. In total, it took about 2 hours from start to finish. No one was familiar with this type of project or using vinyl. It was easy to teach and just as easy for the ladies to do.

Here's how I set it up:

9 wood lathing strips (7 cut at 13", 2 cut at 9") (supplied by Vinyl Gifts and More)
strong wood glue (Gorilla Glue works great)
white vinegar
steel wool
paint - Three colors (red, white, blue)
paint brushes
vinyl stencil
Mod Podge or Clear Varnish Spray

1. I prepared everything beforehand including a sample flag. (See this site for detailed instruction on making the flag. To purchase wood and vinyl stencil, click HERE.

2.  Prepare the vinegar at least 24 hours in advance. (Use a goodly amount of vinegar for your group - I used about a quart - and small amount of steel wool. Drop the steel wool into the vinegar and let it set)

3.  I set up tables with chairs on each side so ladies could help each other and share supplies (also visit while making their flags). I covered the tables with plain newsprint (I used the newsprint purchased at Walmart then ripped each in half. Each lady had her own paper.)

4.  I set up a table in front of the group with common supplies (paint, glue, vinegar, sandpaper, vinyl, finish spray, paper towels, water, cups, etc.)

5.  At each chair, I placed the wood, a plastic covered plate, small cup of water, and a paintbrush. (The idea was that each lady would share by using one brush per color so, with the 3 colors, 3 ladies would work together. If they didn't want to share, they could wash out their brush after each color.)

6. I had my daughter-in-law help the ladies. The fun thing, when one learned, they would help the others so we didn't have to help everyone.

7.   At the beginning of the class, I explained the complete process of the flag. (The directions on this site explain that I mixed colors for the blue and lightly painted the colors. I bought straight colors - Barn Red, Antique White, and Navy Blue. I used the 8oz size. We ended with 17 in attendance. I had some left of each color.) Ladies would come up to the front to get their paint (put on the plate).

8.  The ladies measured for the blue area (I had cut papers on each table measuring the 5.5 inches to use as a measuring device.) They then painted all of the longer slats. (Blue area - 1 white and 2 red, the other slats - 2 red and 2 white. No need to paint the back but should paint the sides.) When the paint was completely dry, they turned their flag over and glued on the 2 shorter slats. (I used two Gorilla Glue containers) Then they waited. It takes between 10-15 minutes for the glue to dry enough to turn the project over and begin working on the stars.

9. After the blue paint was completely dry (you may need to use a hair dryer to help the process along - I didn't), they prepared the vinyl to apply to the blue area in preparation for painting stars. (remove the backing, press down on the wood using the lines and corner circles as registration marks, remove the plastic cover - I had extra wood around so the ladies used a small piece of wood to hold the vinyl in place while they carefully pulled off the plastic cover. Press the vinyl firmly on the slats to help from bleeding. Using a dry brush, load lightly with white and dab onto the vinyl covering each star. Paint lightly. They can go over that a couple of times. Let each layer dry. This will help prevent bleeding. Remove the vinyl when the white is lightly dried.

10.  When all colors were dry, some ladies wanted to distress the wood. Using sandpaper, they lightly sanded areas of the wood. Everything exposed will darken when the vinegar is applied.

11.  Put some of the vinegar solution in a small cup and with a clean brush, brush over the entire flag. Let that dry thoroughly. This may be applied more than once if desired. (I only did once)

12.  When the vinegar is dried, have the ladies pick up their flag (newsprint and all), go outside and lightly spray with a clear finish spray. Spray two or three times if desired.

All of the ladies were so proud of their flags. They turned out great!

Let me know if you have any questions  vinylgiftsandmore@gmail.com

Friday, May 25, 2018

We thank you for your service!

We want to thank all of those who have served or are serving to protect our nation. We appreciate your sacrifice for our benefit. 

My father was unable to serve in the trenches of WWII because of a blind eye but he did serve in the Army in France on the construction crew. My husband, brother, and son have all served in the Navy. My brother suffered from Agent Orange which eventually took his life. My son served in Special Forces in Bosnia and other areas around the world. Unfortunately, he also is suffering from events of his service. All in all, I am so grateful for their service and the service of all those who have tried to make our world a better place to live.

We also want to thank those serving as police officers. We are grateful for the protection you provide and stand with you in our support.


Monday, April 9, 2018

Mother's Day Crafts

Want to do something fun for mom? Create a tile! We have lots of designs - check out our website VINYL GIFTS AND MORE.

We have a variety of designs from the Child's Hand saying to family, hobbies, and spiritual.

Thursday, November 30, 2017

25 Days til Christmas

This month will go by way too fast so now is the time to gather supplies to make gifts for your family and friends.

Our Jar Designs can be used on other things besides jars. Let your imagination go. We would love to see what kinds of things you have made with these designs.

Merry Christmas Tree

                                                                O Holy Night

We have a big variety of designs for all year long. Be sure to read our directions for the Jar Designs. We also do custom orders.

To receive your items before Christmas, please order before December 15, 2017. Canada or other countries; items may not arrive before Christmas if ordered this month. 

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

5 Simple Steps to Applying Vinyl to a Tile

Have you got someone on your Christmas or Birthday list that seems difficult to find that special something. Why not make a tile! The are easy and very personal - a gift from YOU!


1. Buy a tile or board.
Tiles may be purchased at most home building supply stores at extremely reasonable prices. You can also use an MDF board cut to a tile size (MDF boards may be purchased on our web site).

The best tiles to use are the smooth ones. They are the easiest to apply vinyl. (The white tile is more of a glass look)

You can use the more textured ones but they may cause some problems. The beige on the far left has more texture. The middle one looks textured but actually has a smooth finish.

2. Purchase a vinyl design the size to fit your tile.
We sell a huge variety of designs for all occasions. Visit our website (Vinyl Gifts and More) or even email us if you would like to request something more personal.  Our sizes fit 6 inch tiles, glass blocks, MDF boards, and 12 inch tiles. If you need a different size, email us with the specifics of what you need.

3.  Prepare your board or tile
The MDF board will need to be cut to size (if purchased from us, your board will be cut and roughly sanded ready for you to finish), painted with craft paint, and should be sprayed with a clear varnish for easier cleaning. All must be completely dry before applying vinyl.

For a tile, clean it of all dust and dirt. You can use soap and water or I use alcohol. I just rub it on liberally and then dry it off. Again, make sure the surface is completely dry.

Sometimes bumpy surfaces can be difficult to apply vinyl. A way to make a bumpy surface easier to apply vinyl is to spray it with a clear varnish spray before you apply the vinyl. This will give the vinyl something more secure to stick to. Be sure the varnish is completely dry before you apply the vinyl.

4. Prepare the vinyl to apply to the tile or board.
We have complete directions on our website on how to apply vinyl. The basic instructions are:
     A. Rub across the design to secure it against the clear plastic.
     B.  Remove the backing paper.
     C.  Line up the vinyl on your tile and place it on the tile. While holding it in place, rub over the clear plastic to secure the vinyl to the tile. Again, see our directions but if you experience problems, please check out our Problem area.
     D. Carefully removed the clear plastic on top of the vinyl exposing the vinyl. If vinyl does not want to come off of the clear plastic, rub and try again to remove it. See our Problem section on our website.
     E.  Make sure all vinyl is secure on the tile surface. Lightly rub with your finger over the vinyl making sure it is stuck securely on the tile.

5.  Decorate tile or leave as is. 
Some vinyl designs look good as wall hangings. This would be best to use the MDF board. You will want to use something like decorative ribbon or twine to hang the tile.

Other tiles you may want to display on an easel. Be sure to include one if you are giving a tile as a gift.  We do sell easels on our website.

If this all still seems too overwhelming, we do offer to apply your choice of vinyl on a 6 inch tile and send it to you or your gift recipient. Click Here to see how to order a finished tile.  

Have questions? We are happy to answer all questions. Email us a vinylgiftsandmore@gmail.com.


Monday, October 2, 2017

Our Prayers Go Out to All of You Who Have Lost

This is a very sad time for all of us. We are so sorry for the loss of those in the recent shootings, in hurricanes, in flooding, and in earthquakes. We send our prayers to all who are suffering and who have been afflicted in these and other tragedies.We pray for a speedy recovery for those who have been injured. We also pray for those who are trying to rebuild your lives, from losses of family members, friends, and homes. Our love and prayers are with you all.

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Time for Giving Thanks

We often think about giving thanks during this time of the year. Even though fall reminds us of our many blessings, we can give thanks and love all year long. We have many different designs to remind and show your thoughts on giving thanks and love. Come by and check them out at our online store Vinyl Gifts and More.

Give Thanks

Season Everything With Love

Friday, September 29, 2017

Vinyl for The Kids in Our Lives

A wonderful gift for a child or teen.  
Check out all of our vinyl designs at 

Be True to Who You Are With Name

Soccer Ball With Name

I am a Child of God Framed 

I Love to See the Temple

I Love You to the Moon and Back 

Olivia Monogram 

Young Women's Values 

Don't forget to come by  www.vinylgiftsandmore.com

Friday, September 22, 2017

Get Ready for the Holidays!

Don't look now but the Holidays are creeping up on us. Get ready for them with your wonderful homemade projects. Check out the vinyl that you can apply for those special gifts made by you or those one of a kind decorations using vinyl from Vinyl Gifts and More to add that awesome final touch.



Christmas is Near Countdown Board

For more kits click HERE.



Or have fun making a variety of gifts using our vinyl designs

Come on over and check out our website:

Saturday, November 26, 2016


We have several new Christmas vinyls available at our store VINYL GIFTS AND MORE. Other items are available too! Come by and see us

Use the offer code BLOG for a 10% discount. 
(Offer closes on Nov. 30 - 5:00pm PST)

Be Naughty Save Santa the Trip

Christmas Blessings Wisemen

Christmas Blessings Wreath

Happy Holidays Snowman Window

Christ is the Light of Christmas

Jesus Once of Humble Birth

Peace Dove Window

Peace on Earth Nativity

For many more items, don't forget to check out our website - and use the word BLOG for a 10% discount (until Nov. 30, 2016 - 5:00pm Pacific Time)

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Rustic American Flag

Here is a fun project to make for yourself or as a group craft project.  (This project is available soon on our website)

9 wood lathing strips (7 cut at 13", 2 cut at 9")
strong wood glue
white vinegar
steel wool
paint - Three colors (red, white, blue)
paint brushes
vinyl stencil
Mod Podge or Clear Spray Varnish

In a jar or container, mix vinegar (as much as you want) and some of the steel wool (I used about 1 1/2 cups vinegar and pulled off about 1/2 of 1 chunk of steel wool). Just put the steel wool into the vinegar and let it sit for at least 24 hours. It will get darker the longer it sits but it will work fine after 24+ hours. If you think it is getting too dark, pour the vinegar mixture into another container and discard the steel wool.

Note: I have been told that you should not close this with a lid. I am not sure why. I put the vinegar lid back on and do not see a problem. I had some in a jar with no lid and it all evaporated.

2.  Cut lathing into desired lengths (our sample is with 7 lathing strips (I'll call slats) cut at 13" and 2 of them cut at 9"). Lathing strips are about 1 1/2 inches wide. You can purchase this pre-cut at our store Vinyl Gifts and More or cut your own from a lumber yard. Note: these slats are very rough but that is what helps to make this project so rustic. I suggest that you not sand them and embrace their uniqueness (mine have gaps from bends and knot holes),

NOTE: You can do some of the next steps in a different order for ease or a different effect. See "Additional Comments" for suggestions.

3.  Measure 5.5" on the left side of 3 of the slats. I used a dark pen but use a pencil. Make sure that all 3 boards will be lined up straight so the line will look straight when all are glued together.

Paint the wood. Paint the left area on those three slats dark blue(you can use painters tape to mark off the painting area). On the right side, two of those blue slats will be painted red and 1 will be painted white. I used craft paints - Linen for the white, Barn Red mixed with some black for the red, and a mixture of blues for my blue area (I didn't have a dark blue on hand so made my own). Of the remaining 4 slats, 2 will be white and 2 will be red.  You only need to paint one side. I pained a thin coat so some of the wood grain showed through.

5.  Put strong wood glue on one side of the two 9" slats (these will be used to hold all of the boards together).

Turn over the painted slats in their correct order - make sure the 3 blue corners are in the top right (when face down) with a red slat first then white, then red to the end - end with red.

Place the glued slats glue side down onto the back of the painted slats. Make sure the glued slats reach all of the painted slats.

NOTE: Make sure the flag is squared up (see the board on the side) - use another board or books or something straight to push the painted slats together into a tight straight form. Put something heavy on top of the glued slats to help them adhere to the painted boards. (This picture shows the flag upright but it is much easier to glue the sticks onto the surface when the flag is turned over as in the above picture). Let the glue dry thoroughly.

7.  Time to apply the stars. Remove the backing from the vinyl (see how to use vinyl)

Using the vinyl stencil (which comes with the kit or may be purchased separately from Vinyl Gifts and More), line up on the blue section of the boards (use the registration areas to help). Your boards should be very dry (if time is short, use a hair dryer to dry the paint). Press the vinyl to the blue board and slowly peel off the transfer tape. Make sure that the vinyl sticks to the wood completely. You don't want much bleeding (the wood is extremely rustic and porous and there will be bleeding but try to keep the vinyl tight to avoid extreme bleeding).  (You can take the transfer tape off first then line up the vinyl and press onto the boards if you do so very carefully - if the vinyl sticks to itself, it will be ruined).

Paint the stars with the same color you used as the white. Dab the paint on carefully keeping it kind of rustic - Put paint on your brush lightly. You can paint several layers of white if desired but the drier the brush, the better and less bleeding.) (can see some blue through the white - if desired).

Let the paint dry but don't leave the vinyl on too long (you don't want it to pull up the blue paint). Carefully pull up the vinyl. Try not to smear the paint that is on top of the vinyl. Carefully put the vinyl back onto the backing paper in case needed again.

NOTE: If some of the stars need to be repainted, you can repaint the star blue, let the paint dry, use your stencil over the area where the star should be and repaint the star white. Normally stencils can't be used again but if you are careful, you might be able to use it for touch-ups.

At this point your flag can be considered done - BUT if you want to make it have that rustic look, continue on.

8.  The next step is to sand your work. This seems counterproductive but it is what gives your flag character. You can use a small sander or just sandpaper. Be sure to rough up the edges but also rough up along the blue and the stripes. The more paint you take off, the more rustic it will look.

9.  Now comes the aging process.  Pull out that vinegar mixture. It may be light or have darkened but it will do what you want if you have let it sit for 24 hours. Paint it onto the finished flag liberally. Over the entire board - blue, red, and white. If you have not painted the edges of your flag, paint it with the vinegar mixture so it will turn dark.
Let it dry. You should see color changes. Much of those parts that have been exposed or lightly painted will show some dark area.

You can paint the vinegar solution on as many times as desired to achieve the look you want. Be sure to let it dry thoroughly each time as it darkens as it dries. I did just one coat of vinegar over the top.

10.  To finish, coat with Mod Podge or sealer (this is optional but it brings out the colors and makes it easier to clean - be sure to do this if you will be placing the flag outside). You can use as many coats as desired. I used only one. Make sure each layer dries thoroughly. It will be white and creamy when applied but will dry clear.


1. If you are doing these for a large group, reduce some of the "group" time by preparing the unpainted slats beforehand.  Arrange the unpainted slats together and glue the back two slats on. People can then paint the slats after it has been assembled. Don't worry about the side of the boards showing. They will take on a dark color when the vinegar is applied. They will need to be careful when painting the different colors.

2.  Some people like to put vinegar on the flag first then paint it and then add another layer of vinegar (after sanding).  I did a test to see what would happen if you painted the vinegar on first then painted the wood vs painting first then putting vinegar.

- I used two colors of paint - Country Tan (the darker color) and Antique White.
- Top row - the left two sections are vinegar only. The 3rd is the tan color and the 4th is the white.
- Row 2 - Shows how the vinegar changed the plain wood dark.
- Row 3 - I painted the first sections their color (tan and white over the vinegar) and put the vinegar over the last two sections. So now the first 2 have vinegar under and the last 2 have vinegar on top.
- Row 4 is a final covering of vinegar over all 4 sections. The picture shows it as being really dark but it is not as dark as the picture shows.

My personal feeling is that I liked painting a thin coat then putting one coat of vinegar over the top.

As an FYI, you can create other looks by painting, sanding, vinegar, painting a different color, sanding, and vinegar, repeating this as often as you like until you get an effect you like. This gives a unique look if you want some other colors to pop through.

3.  You can put words on your flag or leave it plain (note: if you put words on it and it's meant for outside, be sure to Mod Podge over the vinyl for protection). We do sell wordings for flags on our website Vinyl Gifts and More. You can choose something we offer or use your own words.


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