Saturday, October 30, 2010

Birthday Plate

I have wanted to make a birthday plate for my kids for at least 2 years.   My Mother-in-law had a "You are Special" plate and I thought that was cool.  Birthdays are big in my family.  My husband thinks I am crazy, but birthdays are my favorite holiday.  My kids don't get many gifts, but they sure get the decorations and fun.
Ok, to the fun stuff! I found this awesome paint called  "Pebeo Porecelaine 150 Ceramic Paint".  You can paint it on tile, porcelain, metal... and then you bake it on and it stays forever.  You can even dishwasher it.  It is a little pricey.  (about $5.00 a jar plus shipping for each color) I could not decide on a color.  That is why it has taken me 2 years to do this.  Not kidding.  I am a penny pincher.  So the other day I found this cool stuff in marker form, ( HURRAY!!!)  and it was less money.  I found it here. They have great prices, and their shipping is amazing.  My kids saw my plate, and they are all excited to make their own for dinner time.  I really didn't plan on that, but why not. 

Items needed:
*Plate- Glass, porcelain.. (I found mine at the dollar store)
*Porecelaine 150 paint or makers
*Vinyl Stencil

How to:
I made a stencil with vinyl and placed it on my plate.  I just painted the plate and then removed the vinyl.  Try to remove the vinyl when it is wet, because when it dries the vinyl will take some of the paint with it. I had to touch up my letters.  I added extra touches to my plate like sprinkles on my cupcake, and outlining everything.  I think I went a little overboard with polka dots.  You don't even need a stencil, but I am not that good free handing it, so it was a must for me. After you are done with the design, you let it set for 24 hours. Than you bake it in a oven.  The directions are right on the pen.  Really simple, and the crafts are endless with these cool pens. 

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Borland family said...

awesome!!! i've been lookig for the perfect birthday plate! can I order your vinyl for this?


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