Thursday, December 2, 2010

Faith Makes Things Possible...

My really good friend wanted this saying on a tile, and it happened to be the same saying that I wanted on a tile. So I made this up, and she took the picture and here it is.  We actually have this graphic on our website  that goes on a board, but we both wanted it on a tile, so I made it again so it can go on a tile. 

I wish I could post more fun craft ideas but I have been moving.  Actually my husband and I have been flipping a house for ourselves these last few weeks.  I have been taking pictures step by step so I will post them in January when my life calms down a little. Next week I will be actually moving. This is my 7th move in 10 years.  You would think we were military or something.  We have rented for years, and finally I get my own home. 

 My mom has been running and she does a fabulous job.  My sister-in-law has been helping out with special orders.  They both are wonderful.

This will probably be one of my last post this year, so Merry Christmas!!!

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Mariel said...

Adorable blog! I would love to have you submit a guest post on "Or so she says..." I'm always on the lookout for creative gals :) Visit for more info on submitting posts...or you can email me. Have a great day!



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