Tuesday, May 3, 2011


I love to garden.  My grandfather was a farmer, my dad grew up farming, and I guess he passed the gene to me.  I don't have a farm (yet), but I can sure plant me some yummy produce.  I just moved in my house 4 months ago.  I have many projects still not done, but I had to get my garden in.  Where I live you can start planting the cold crops in February, and everything else in March.  Let me show you how I made my rasied beds. 
 I bought (2) 4x4 redwood post.  This will make 3 boxes.  I cut them down to 13 inches long.
 I also bought 2x4's and 2x6's.  I had them cut down to length at the lumber store.  Have it cut to the size you want your box.
 I put the 2x4 on the top, and the 2x6 on the bottom.  There will be 3-4 inches of the 4x4 left so you can put it in the ground. 

 This was my birthday present from my husband.  I am easy to please. :)  This is horse manure that has been sitting over the winter.  You want it almost like dirt so it does not burn your plants.   I used this and soil I got in a bag and mixed it together.  If you were wondering, those are curtains holding the manure in.  I forgot a tarp and this was in my car ready to go to a thrift shop, and they worked great.  They are not going to a thrift shop anymore.

 I was told this is good stuff.  Bone and Blood meal.  The package said it is not made from cow, so where did they get it from???  A little goes a long way. 
 This was a picture of my garden today.  The first planter does not have anything in it yet.  I have lots of plans for it.  You don't always have to use wood for your planters.  If you look in the back, I used my left over bricks from my fireplace to make a planter. 
 The best thing for tomatoes is tomatoe food.  It doubles or triples the yeild.  I get mine from an online catalog, but I hear you can use rose plant food.   
These barrels were in my front yard, and I didn't like the look of them there, so I moved them to my back yard and planted tomotoes in them.  They are doing really well.  I planted 11 plants, and I am the only one that likes tomatoes in my home.  I guess I will be canning a lot and giving lots to neighbors.


Cannon's said...

The manure is made form road kill. Opossum, deer, racoon etc.. Saw it on Dirty Jobs.

Vinyl Masterpiece said...

Are you talking about the bone and blood food? It stinks, but it's doing a good job. No wonder they didn't say where it came from. :)


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