Saturday, April 23, 2011

Happy Easter

I just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Easter.  It has been lots of fun around our house today.  The Easter bunny came last night, and the kids got candy and bubbles.  By the time I woke up got out of bed all the candy and chocolate was consumed by my three kids. Piggy! Piggies! I guess they are doing me a favor and taking all the calories from me.  We also live next to a Navy base, and they have the best Easter egg hunts and carnivals.  My kids are bouncing off the walls.  This year we decided to have the Easter bunny come early, so we can focus Sunday on the true meaning of Easter. We have some fun activities we are doing tomorrow to talk about Christ. 

This is one of them.  They are called Resurrection Rolls.  You can find out how to make them here.
 I am really excited to make them.

 I made this cute little sign over a month ago, and I just got around to taking a picture of it.  I have been a little busy.  This sign was made with 1/4 inch MDF board.  I used vinyl as a stencil and then I painted it.  When the paint was dry, I pulled the vinyl off and I got this really cute little sign. 

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Su said...

Happy Easter!! The Resurrection Rolls are sooo yummy. . and so make a teachable moment. Thanks for linking to my blog!!!


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