Monday, April 18, 2011

Early Mother's Day Gift To Me

My husband and I got married in the Spokane Washington LDS Temple.  It is a pretty little mini temple that my brothers built, and I also got to go to the dedication in the temple.  So it has lots of meaning to me.  I really wanted a picture of it, but not an ordinary picture of it.  I wanted it to be big and pretty and something I would love in my home. I really liked the distressed picture look with the chunky frame.   I searched the web and I found an awesome website  LDSStock.COM that had my picture.  They also had the best price.  I was stalking this picture for a few months.  I have a hard time buying things, but I really wanted a picture of the temple in my home.  So I splurged and I am SO HAPPY I did.   I love my picture. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!!! I was also very surprised how fast the picture was sent to me.  LDS Stock has wonderful prices, and they are giving my readers an extra 10% off of their already discounted prices.  The coupon code to use is VINYLGIFTS
Go check them out.  They have LDS artwork , CTR rings  and much more.

When you walk into my house you look down my hallway.  I put my picture at the end of the hallway so my family can see the temple every time they come in.   It looks so much better in person.  And of coarse I had to put vinyl above it.  This vinyl will be on our website this week. 


Pace said...

Looks great! I might need to add some vinyl to the one in our home. Thanks

Delle said...

Beautiful!!! And didn't the prophet just tell us to be sure to have pictures of the temples in our kids rooms!

Karen Marie said...

Love it! May need to place a new vinyl order.

The Tomlinsons said...

Looks great! I'll have to come see it in person.


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