Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Vinyl on Wood

A lot of vinyl we sell goes on tiles. Tile is nice and quick, but tile may not come in the size or color you need.  That is where wood comes in.  They make a fabulous wood product called MDF.  You can find it at almost all lumber stores.  It comes in different thicknesses.  I love the 1/4 inch for tiles, and I use the 1/2 inch for signs.  The nice thing about MDF is that is doesn't warp.  You can also have it cut for you at your lumber store.  My mom has been really busy making signs.  All of these vinyl designs will be on our website.


This one looks so much like a tile and it is wood.  Love it! The nice thing about wood is that it ships well and doesn't brake.  

I just love this sign.  I wish I had a little cowboy in my house.  My kids are all about computers and nerdy things. :)

Father's Day is coming  soon, and this could be a great one for your dad.

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