Thursday, February 21, 2013

Create a Block by Rayson

I have had a lot of questions on where I get my glass blocks, and how do I drill the hole in the back... I just got a shipment of  Create a Block by Rayson and I will never ever ever go back to glass blocks again. NEVER!!! Let me tell you why.

1. Glass blocks are heavy and bulky. Create a Block is plastic and lightweight.  When you put them next to each other, you really can't tell which one is the glass block.

2. No more messy glass drilling. The Create a Block has a hole in the bottom so you can add your lights.

3. The Create a Block can snap apart so you can add fun things in the middle.

4. The price is the same for both.  Actually the Create a Block is a better deal because you don't have to buy the glass drill bit and waste all your precious time drilling holes.

Have I convienced you yet not to buy glass blocks?  I hope so because Create a Blocks are awesome!  I don't get any money from this review, but I do know a good product when I see one.

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