Friday, February 15, 2013

Where do I begin...

Where do I begin... I think I will start with Valentines day.  I hope everyone felt loved yesterday! My husband gets me flowers every month except February. It's something to do with he doesn't like being told to get candy or flowers, and the prices are crazy high.  So he normally waits a week or two after to get me something.  What ever floats his boat. I know that he loves me! Well, I put together a gift for him this year.  It is so cheesy that I LOVE IT! My husband and I are very silly people so this quote fits us well.  It will be going in my new master bathroom when it is done.  (So maybe in 10 years.) If you like it too, we will have the vinyl for you to buy on our website soon.  (The vinyl was placed on card stock and then placed in a frame.)

This doesn't have to be just for V-day.  I love this quote so I am excited to display this plate in my home. Again, the vinyl will be on our website soon.

This years theme in Primary is "I am a Child of God".    We are coming out with a bunch of graphics for this theme.  I am the primary president in my ward, and we made cute little blocks that have the theme on them for birthdays.  The kids love them, and they are adorable.  I will post a picture of them soon.  This vinyl we put on a block (plastic block that snaps together) and put lights in it.   What a fun night light for a child.  I will post more about these amazing blocks next week and how to make this really cute bow. 

I am so excited for this. My father is retired and he has joined the team at Vinylgiftsandmore.  He was a builder for over 25 years and he is going to be are wood craft kit maker.  First thing we are coming out with is Say it on a Block.  We will have 3 different sizes of  wood blocks and you get to pick size and the letter in vinyl that you want to go on it.  We are in the process of getting it ready to go on our website. 

Hope you have a fabulous weekend! Come check us out at

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