Monday, February 4, 2013

Valentines Wreath

I like to decorate my front door for holidays and I didn't have anything for Valentines.  I went to pinterest and searched for valentines ides.  I came across an adorable heart wreath from The Idea Room.  I love it, but I don't have a craft store in my town to get the heart.  I have Walmart and The Home Depot.  I am VERY limited.  I saw somewhere on the net where you can take an insulator foam thingy (have no idea what it is called) to make a wreath.  I picked it up at Home Depot for a little over a dollar.  I ducted tapped it together. When they say you can use duct tape for everything... you can! Then I drove to Walmart and got 1 yard of red felt material and straight pins.  I think I spent more money on gas then on this project. My kids and I sat down one evening and put this together.  I would cut and they would fold and pin.  It was a fun family project that they are all proud of.  I caught my kids running out the door just to stare at their work, ok I have too a few times.


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