Thursday, March 25, 2010

A child's hand, touches a Mother's heart

As a mother of 3, I love getting things with my kid's hand prints on them. I love the personal touch. When my kids go to school and church, they come home with lots of papers and projects, and most of them end up in the trash. (Don't tell! ) But for some reason I can not throw away anything with their hand print on it. It just reminds me how small they are and how fast they are growing. So that is how this project was created. This is my son's hand when he was in kindergarten last year. It sits in my kitchen next to my sink. I LOVE IT!
When I was a preschool teacher and a nursery leader at our church, I was always trying to come up with ideas to give to Mothers on Mother's day. This is the perfect gift.

Supply List:
-(1) 6x6 tile
-Acrylic Paint (craft paint) (any color)
-Paper Plate
-Clear spray paint
-Tile Stand

How to make:
1. Clean your tile
2. Pour paint on a paper plate
3. Put child's hand in paint and then place the hand on the tile.
4. Let the paint dry.
5. Spray paint the tile with the clear coat to protect the hand print. I would use 2 coats.
6. Let the paint dry
7. Apply the vinyl (Instructions on how to apply vinyl is on our website)
8. Display on a tile stand.
9. See the happy smile on a mother's face!!!


Sarah @HarriganHowdy said...

That is super sweet! I am totally going to do this with my little ones. Thanks for the inspiration.


Unknown said...

what font is the quote written in?

Vinyl Masterpiece said...

the font is digs of my heart

debbieoyam said...

We did this for a Mother's Day gift for our Kindergarten kids to give to their moms.
This finally turned out great.....but we had gotten tiles with the glaze at first and those do not work. Be sure that you get tiles with NO GLAZE.
Once we got the right tiles everything worked great and turned out great.
I am sure the mothers are going to love these.

Jaydensmama said...

does the paint come off of the child's hand easily?


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