Monday, October 6, 2014

Great News for Jar Lanterns

Thanks to our wonderful customers, we got some new info on Jar Lanterns.  Normally people use the Frosted Spray in a can to coat the outside of the jars.  We have found that there can be some problems with the spray.  

If you handle your jars, the oils from your fingers can transfer to the jar. When you spray the jar, it looks covered but in fact, everywhere your fingers touched, the frosted spray can peel off when you apply the vinyl.  Our suggestion is to wash your jars in the dishwasher prior to using, then either wear gloves or only touch the jar from the lip of the jar.

Now we have found that you can use a different spray.  We used the Krylon Crystal Clear Flat spray, and it will gave a similar look as the frosted but is less temperamental.  We tried it putting our fingers all over the jar prior to spraying and it didn't peel off when the vinyl was applied.

We do not guarantee that this will work all of the time.  We do suggest that you use clean jars and that your hands are fairly clean also.  If you are planning to do a large number of these, please test one or two before you do them all.  By the way, the Flat spray was less expensive than the frosted!  

For more information on how to do these jars, CLICK HERE.  If you wish to order these (they do come in a variety of designs), CLICK HERE.  

Remember, these don't always have to be used as jar lanterns.  Try putting other things in your decorated jar - like candy or some other fun items.  These make great gifts for teachers, neighbors, grandparents, and that hard to gift boss!

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