Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Mason Jar Craft

I love Mason jars!  I am a canner so I have tons of them around my house.  I wanted to do a craft with them.  My friend had me make vinyl for girls camp with the YW torch on it and she put it on a Mason jar.  My mind then went crazy with different ideas.  Here are the ideas I came up with.  This craft can be made under $5.00.  The vinyl will be available at
Attention: Jar Lantern Directions
We have discovered that some of you are having problems when making your jar lanterns. After much testing we have discovered the problem.

1. MUST start with clean jar. DO NOT TOUCH THE JAR WITH YOUR HANDS! We have discovered the oils from your hands can prevent the etching spray paint to not stick correctly. If it is not on there correctly the vinyl will peal the etching off. If you have to touch the jar, just touch the rim of the jar. It sounds crazy but I tested lots of jars, and this was the cause of the problem.

2. Please follow the directions on the etching bottle.

3. Let the paint dry before you apply the vinyl. (When I was testing the jars I used a blow dryer and it seemed to make the process go quicker.)

I hope this helps anyone who is having troubles.

Items you need:
- Pint size Mason jar
- Wire  2 1/2 feet (heavy duty wire I got at a hardware store)
-Wire Cutters
- Frosted glass spray paint
-Tea light candle
-Ribbon, jingle bells... anything to dress up the glass

- Place the wire around the top of the jar. One side should be longer than the other.
- Cross the wire and twist it so it will stay.
- Take the long side and loop the top to make a handle.
- Take the wire that just went over the top for the handle and thread it under the wire that went around the jar in the beginning. 
- Now take the wire and bring it over to meet the other wire that you didn't touch.
-Now twist the wire together to make it stay

2. Spray your jar by holding your handle. I followed the directions on the the can. I sprayed my jar 3 times.  It took less than 5 minutes to do.

3. Add fun decorations and twist the wire to make cute curls with a pen.

4. Add the vinyl

5. Add a tea light and enjoy.


Becky S. said...

could you elaborate on the Vinyl part? How did you get the designs? My daughter has a silhouette cutter and we could do this...I understand the jar, wire, paint part...just didn't understand the vinyl part.

God's Girl said...

Do you spray the inside or outside of the jar or both? Thx.

Vinyl Masterpiece said...

I sprayed the outside only of the jar.

Vinyl Masterpiece said...

The vinyl comes from our website

God's Girl said...


Unknown said...

Cute idea!!


Unknown said...

Wow!!! I love the look and effect. What a great tutorial. Found you thru Tip Junkie. Visiting you from

I am your newest follower. Please consider following me back. thanks

Crystal said...

This still does not explain vinyl. Is ir a sticker with the words on it?

Vinyl Masterpiece said...

To see how to use vinyl go here

Unknown said...

i have tried this with four of my mason jars and the frosted paint ether fell off or chipped off has that happened to you?

Vinyl Masterpiece said...

I used 3-4 coats on my jars and it stays on there really well. It wii scrape off if you use something sharp on it. As a craft I have not had a problem with it.

ricechristietreat said...

I just got Ball Pint size jars but after opening it appears there is no clear area of just glass. One side has the word "Ball" and the other has a fruit design. Will this work? Did you buy this brand? Love this idea and want to get started ASAP! Thanks for help!

Vinyl Masterpiece said...

You will need to get jars that only has writing on one side.

Maria said...

I'm trying to figure out cost for a super saturday. Any ideas how many pint jars you were able to paint per can of frosted glass spray? Thanks

Unknown said...

I sprayed my jars 3 times and let them dry overnight and the adhesive on the back of the vinyl pulled the paint off. Any suggestions?

Vinyl Masterpiece said...

We have found that you can not touch the glass before you spray the frosted glass. The oils from your hands make the frosted spray paint come off when you apply the vinyl. Make sure your glass is super clean.

Unknown said...

try wiping jar off with white vinegar and dry well, this works for painting on crocker so it should work on your glass.

Unknown said...

try wash the jar off with white vinegar, this works when I paint on crockery.

PFML Kids said...

Made snowman and jingle bells Lanterns with my friends:) Crafting success!!!!!! Fit on our jars perfectly!!!!!

Unknown said...

In Australia we have a product called ESP Easy Surface Prep. You wipe it on and then off again, wait 90 min's and then you can spray paint your glass surfaces without any problems.

The Shabby Owl said...

I've never used the frosted spray but have used a matte clear coat spray. It worked great and had the same effect on the glass. I touched the glass with my hands while spraying it and it didn't affect it at all. Stayed on just fine.

The Sanders Family said...

If you go to walmart, on the kitchen/laundry aisle, they sell the mason jars/ball jars and also carry the walmart off brand. These off brand jars are just plain jars. There is no writing on the whatsoever!!

Ms. Pool said...

I would bet you could also use fabric paint (I like the Tulip brand) and it would work just fine. Practice writing with it to get a feel for how quickly it will come out of the bottle. Shake the paint down into the tip before beginning to help avoid air bubbles. Also, after using the paint, blow the paint back down into the bottle so it won't dry in and clog the tip.

karen said...

Do you remember what gauge wire you used? I'm wanting to order it online and can't tell be looking at pictures.

Unknown said...

This are just too cute! Thanks for the great directions!


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